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You build it and hopefully they will come...

Welcome to those that stumble upon this community due to an interest in palmistry. I was searching through Livejournal, trying to find a community that dealt mainly palmistry but I was always coming up empty handed. I think Palmistry deserves a special spot so I created this community. I hope this community grows into a great place of discussion.

Peace Out,


My name is Jason and I live in the middle of Michigan. I am a pisces, 22, and I'm a college student. I've been reading palms for over five years now. I learned about it while I was studying Wicca (I'm a Wiccan of nine years). Palmistry is the one thing when it comes to divination that I do quite well (the tarot hates me, lmao). If you'd like to know more about me, you can look at my userinfo, I had fun writing my bio on there.
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