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Introduction & a question :)

Hello everyone,

My name is Marina (but everyone calls me Rina anyways :D), I*m living in Germany, and I am new to this community as well as to palmistry itself. Since I want to find out more about this topic (It really is very interesting and surprisingly accurate so far ^^), I joined this community. If you need more information, please ask, since I don*t know what to write about concerning myself .___. ...

Anyways! I would like to ask you whether you know any good books on palmistry that include as much information as possible ... Sorry if this is quite vague; I just hate buying 543 books on one topic and having several ones telling you different interpretations on certain things that you may come across :\. So ... Are there any books you could recommend? (There is no need for the books to be in German; I can also read English :D ...)

Much love,
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