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ooo Just found this community and am quite excited (though i confess I Would like it if people posted pictures of their palms to have interactive palm reading sessions, as I think we could learn alot from it).

I had my palm read as a child by my grandfather who taught me the basics. Since then I've watched the lines on my hands change according to my life. Read a load of books, taken in some of it (mostly bits relevent to my own hands I confess), discarded other bits.

I used to palm read people, and I have used that to learn more about how to palm read, correlating what I read with their response. It's been surprisingly apt.

I've not read palms for a few years, but did last weekend at a party.... where I was very surprised to find not one but TWO people with split head lines. I'd never seen that before at all. I discussed what this might mean to them, then fished for their response. In both cases the split is very apt (one was bipolar for example and had the split in both hands, but the lines did rejoin) ....

The other had a radically different writing vs non writing hand, and has been going through some Really really big changes in her life. The split for her was huge and only in her writing hand, not at all visible in her non writing hand.

What interests me about that is that such big differences imply rapid change and unhappiness as things are not balanced/settled... Which is certainly the case for this person... but it is interesting for the difference to be quite so pronounced and immense. The upheavals in her life started 2 years ago, and the right split head line was VERY very deep and strong, and yet the left hand was still straightforward and single. Could such strong lines have been made so recently? I have not seen her hands before, and I'd love to do (or have done!!) a study over time. See if the left hand catches up or the right hand resolves....

Anyway. it's interesting.
let me know if you have any thoughts.

I look forward to hearing from this community, and perhaps exchanging notes and discoveries.

Anyone else noticed that computer geeks (or people who type alot) have a strong horizontal line cutting across generally between head and heart line.
I guess new movements with our hands make new imprints.... Maybe there are mobile phone lines too!! ;)
I'm not sure whether to read anything more into it than "types alot" or if its a personality trait (i've seen it most strongly shared by computer scientists who both type alot and share a set of "geek" character traits)
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